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Thursday March 5, 2015
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Auto Body Repair Evansville, Body Shop Evansville
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Body Repair evansville
Body Repair evansville

Welcome to Mills Body Shop

Offering the finest quality in auto body repair, Mills Body Shop will assist your insurance claims with our convenient customer service. We move as quickly as possible to get you back in the drivers seat. With five locations and over forty years of experience in auto and truck collision repair in Evansville, we are dedicated to getting you back on the road as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

What to do in Accident?

In the event of a crash, it is common for drivers to make costly, long term decisions that could negatively impact their lives. Questions like, “Who was at fault? Will my car ever be right again? Who is the best at collision repair? What are my rights and responsibilities?”, all race through their heads faster than the mind can register them. 

What you need to know...

Separating fact from fiction, the following info is made to aid you through the experience of obtaining quality repairs to your vehicle after an accident.

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Collision and Glass Repair evansville
auto collision repair evansville
Body Repair evansville


Christina Woodring

"Awesome Job. Loved the detail area."

Charles Wolrz

" The only place for repairs."

Becky Buxton

" The best in town. Thanks!"

Evelyn Allen 

"Was pleased with the repair and the cleanliness of the inside of vehicle."

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auto body repair evansville auto body repair evansville

auto body repair evansville, body shop evansville

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