Every Insurance agent in Indiana needs Continuing Education in order to maintain their license. Mills Body Shop has hosted many Continuing education classes over the years. We have helped more than 100 agents maintain their license requirements. Every class is unique to the processes it takes to repair automobiles. We will notify you when the next class is scheduled.


New Course: Automotive Parts Usage for Insurers

DATE: December 13th
TIME: 1:00pm
LOCATION: Victoria National
DIRECTIONS: Click for Directions

LINE: Property and Casualty
HOURS: Three (3)

The primary course objective of this course is to provide the agents an understanding of the features and benefits of the various automotive parts categories available in collision repair. We will discuss the benefits these choices provide in assuring a proper and timely repair of a vehicle involved in a claim. Further, agents will learn about the rights that their customers have and how the proper parts are chosen in the repair process. We will review the common areas of customer misconceptions regarding collision repair so agents can further assist their insured through the repair process.

The agent will gain knowledge of:
• Terminology & history
• Parts categories
• Certified aftermarket parts
• Federal regulations & labeling
• Industry associations
• Cost benefits

The agent will be skilled at:
• Understanding the various categories of parts available during a repair
• Qualifying repair professionals
• How customer satisfaction is measured


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